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Episode 37 - Out and Proud! - Oni Pride Spectacular

June 19, 2016

Let's face it - it's been a grim week in the LGBT world (and indeed elsewhere), so it feels more important than ever to acknowledge and celebrate our sexual and gender diversity. So...

Happy Pride Month in much of the world. To mark the occasion, and to reflect its queer sensibilities, Oni Press has published its first Pride Spectacular; three extracts from its LGBTQ-focused titles, including previews of two new series. So how do Merry Men, Wet Moon and Princess Princess Ever After hold up as queer stories, as comics in general, and as reasons to have Pride? 

And by way of celebrating the radical act of living openly, a delve into comic book coming out and focus in particular on some times it was done well.
This show is dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Orlando shooting, and to the countless other LGBT victims of violence across the world.

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