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Episode 36 - How far would you go? - Punisher #1

June 5, 2016

Hot off a guest appearance in Daredevil season 2 on Netflix, and last seen in comics at the start of Secret Wars killing ALL the supervillains as the world ended, it's The Punisher's turn to be relaunched off the back of that universe-shattering crossover with a new number one and a new creative team (ish - one of them is a very old hand at depicting the terminal adventures of Frank Castle). So among many other subjects as we cover the new Punisher #1, in this show we discuss: who to root for if you can't root for the protagonist; heroes that kill; how best to use a character like The Punisher in a universe of heroes who don't; whether and how this issue works for us, and Bex's fondness for violence. With an unexpected special guest mention of Frank Miller?

This show rated explicit for one use of Bex's favourite word. You know the one...

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