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Episode 35 - Apocalyptic! - X-Men: Alpha

May 18, 2016

This is the week that X-Men: Apocalypse opens in cinemas here in the UK and its reviews are, let’s be generous and say ‘not great’. So does an Apocalypse-related comic - arguably the Apocalypse-related comic - do any better? This is X-Men: Alpha - Age of Apocalypse; the comic that starts the entire original AoA story. The kick-off of the saga that replaced the entire X-Men line for four months and plunged them into a world where Professor X died years earlier and Apocalypse arose unchallenged. Magneto and his X-Men are at the vanguard of the resistance. It’s a famous epic, the source of many stories since. But is it any good? And have we ever before spent as much time discussing the rendering of various characters’ junk?

And alternate universes being all the rage round our house, it’s also time to dip into some others for this show’s 3&1, courtesy of Jon.

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