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Episode 34 - Charmed, I’m Sure - Goldie Vance #1

May 14, 2016

You won't find a much bigger change of pace after last time's Civil War than issue 1 of Boom Box's new four part series Goldie Vance. Which is definitely not a problem for the team, who definitely enjoyed starting to get to know Goldie and her supporting cast. Hope Larson and Brittney Williams have created a definitely different comic, with an unusual, well-realised setting, an interesting protagonist and an intriguing plot. And you don't always get all three of them in a first issue.

And as Goldie Vance is a detective comic, Jared opted to 3&1 the genre. Though this is Jared, so as usual, definitions are fluid. Though his Worst One Ever is hard to argue. Seriously - just don't even try.

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