Episode 33 - War is civil - Civil War #1

April 27, 2016

It's Captain America: Civil War week (here in the UK), so Bex, Jared and Jon marking the occasion with a Civil War show. Issue one of Civil War from 2006 marked the start of the series that saw hero vs hero in an ideological battle; should heroes be registered and licensed by the government, or should they operate free of regulation? If the government defines who's a villain, what's to stop them basing their decision on political grounds? But without regulation, who holds the heroes accountable when things go wrong? This promises not to be a typical all guns blazing super-heroic clash.

As Civil War was written by Mark Millar, Jared rounds out the show with a 3&1 on Millar comics. In a long career covering multiple publishers, multiple genres and no small amount of controversy, what makes Jared's top three, and what's his worst one ever?