Episode 21 - Negotiated Intimacy - Sunstone vol 1

August 16, 2015

Let’s get this right out there up front: this one’s marked explicit for both subject matter and language. The first volume of Sunstone from Top Cow/Image is on one level a romance comic, but on a completely different level it’s a story about a BDSM relationship with quite a lot of graphic nudity. This one challenges us, particularly the male participants (and yes, we nearly typed ‘members’ there… there’s a lot of struggling with language here) in a number of ways: how do we feel about what we’re seeing? Are there limits to what seems appropriate for certain types of creator to create? Can we objectively assess the objectified? And what are we to make of the industry when we consider this comic?  

One of those discussions where the basic question of “is it any good?” takes a back seat to a lot of others. Like "How many euphemisms for women's genitalia can Bex come up with?"